Gazprom supplies gas through Ukraine to GIS Sudzha in a confirmed volume

Pipeline. Archive photo

Gazprom delivers gas through Ukraine to the Ukrainian side confirmed the amount of the GIS “Sudzha” is 42.2 million cubic meters of 27 August, the GIS “sohranovka” application is rejected, the official representative of Russian companies Sergei Kupriyanov.

Gazprom is supplying Russian gas transit through the territory of Ukraine in the amount confirmed by the Ukrainian side through GIS “Sudzha”, is 42.2 million cubic meters on August 27. Application for GIS “sohranovka” rejected”, – he told reporters.

Ukraine on may 11, stopped taking for gas transit via GIS “sohranovka”, referring to the fact that it is under control of Russian forces (in the LC). As a result, for the transit of gas to Europe was only one entrance – GIS “Sudzha”. Gazprom said that the transfer of all volumes on “Sudzha” technologically impossible, all obligations to European customers, the company performs, and transit service are fully paid.