Angola assessed the EU’s intentions to replace Russian gas with African gas

Gas hub. Archive photo

The intention of the EU to replace gas from Russia African can have a profound impact on the European economy, since it is unclear when it can be implemented in the project, and the cost of such a gas is clearly higher, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the representative of Angola in Russia Augusto da Silva Cunha.

“The import of the product (gas – ed.) from Africa could have a serious impact on the European economy, since its value is clearly higher than gas from Russia,” he said.

At the same time, answering the question of how Angola’s belong to the position of Brussels, which wants to work with African countries to replace Russian gas, the diplomat said that the EU “free” to negotiate with those who want to sell gas.

“We have heard the statement of the German Chancellor about what you need to work on the project of a gas pipeline across the Iberian Peninsula, in particular, that he went through Portugal and from there was distributed in Europe. It is unknown whether it was about the pipeline, which goes from Nigeria. But it is unknown how much time will pass until this project paper will move to the implementation of, and what will be the situation in Europe,” concluded da Silva Cunha.