Britain assessed the results of anti-Russian sanctions

Economist: Anti-Russian sanctions have not worked as well as expected in the West. Anti-Russian sanctions imposed by a number of European states are not working as well as expected.

This assessment is given by the British Economist magazine.

“The trouble is that the knockout blow did not take place. Russia’s GDP will shrink by 6 percent in 2022, which is much less than the 15 percent drop that many expected in March,” the author of the material writes.

The publication emphasizes that after the crisis, Russia’s financial system has stabilized, and the country is looking for new suppliers for some types of imports, including China. However, in Europe, the energy crisis may trigger a recession — natural gas prices are progressing.

On August 26, Norway joined the seventh package of sanctions against Russia, which were previously imposed by the European Union. The package of sanctions adopted by the EU on July 21, 2022 was incorporated into Norwegian legislation.