A British woman called the reception of refugees from Ukraine in her home a “disaster”

British resident Maguire called the reception of refugees from Ukraine in her home a “catastrophe” British resident Clara Maguire called the experience of receiving refugees from Ukraine in her home a “catastrophe”.

She told the tabloid The Daily Mail about this. A 54-year-old single mother from the city of Poole sheltered a refugee from Ukraine and her daughter.

According to the woman, the guest earned about 700 pounds a month (49.5 thousand rubles) at a French-speaking job, about the same amount was paid to her in the form of child benefits.

At the same time, Maguire was forced to free up two bedrooms for Ukrainians, “drive everywhere” by car, including doctors, and also go to a Polish supermarket because they “did not eat British food.”

According to the British woman, she did not receive a single word of gratitude after she provided refugees with her home and created all conditions for a comfortable life.

“They were not going to integrate and did not understand how important it is to be grateful… It was terrible,” Maguire added. She stressed that after all she had experienced, she felt “undervalued and completely used.”

The Briton also noted that she has not yet been paid subsidies in the amount of 350 pounds (24.7 thousand rubles), which are due to each host family.

Earlier it became known that a quarter of British families participating in the program to accommodate Ukrainian refugees plan to withdraw from participation in the coming weeks due to the cost of living crisis amid rising inflation and electricity bills. In addition, the government is delaying monthly payments of 350 pounds, and also refuses to increase subsidies to 700 pounds.