Mexico has increased imports from Russia

Mexico. Archive photo

Mexican importers from January to June imported from Russia goods on 1,193 billion US dollars, and June was the second month in terms of volume, from the data of the Bank of Mexico.

According to the economic information System of the Central Bank of Mexico, the volume of deliveries from Russia in June exceeded $ 275 million, more than the country has bought until may 2021 (283,9 million).

For the first half of 2022, the volume of imports from Russia amounted to 1,193 billion US dollars, which is of 20.85% more than last year (987,6 million).

Russia is a major international supplier of fertilizer to Mexico with a share of about a quarter of all imports of nitrogen and mixed nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Other important imports from Russia – rolled steel, aluminum and synthetic rubber.

The trade balance in 2022 has undergone significant changes – the Mexican exports fell from 70 million in February to 1.3 million dollars in June of this year, so the imports are now more than 99% of trade with Russia. The main articles of the Mexican exports to Russia in 2021 were cars, auto parts, mobile phones and landlines and copper scrap.