The investor told when the time will come to get out of the stock exchange

The graph on the computer monitor of a trader. Archive photo

Current stock market situation indicates that there are all harbingers of the coming collapse. Regardless of what will serve as the immediate cause of the collapse – the actions of the Federal reserve, the bankruptcy of the developer in China or any other “black Swan” from the sphere of geopolitics, on the Lam from the exchange is now, says the Agency “Prime” the private investor, the founder of the “school of Practical Investing” Fedor Sidorov.

He recalled a famous saying of the founder of JP Morgan Chase John Pierpont Morgan: “When the market comes shining shoes professional here to do nothing.” Now the citizens of many countries are massively invested in the stock market, without having qualified. “Their operations are even more inflated bubbles that were ready to burst,” said the investor.

In the opinion of the investor, it won’t end well. Already, inflation in the US, UK, Germany, hitting record lows, and Central banks are trying to win, raise interest rates, which leads to stagnation. Approaching collapse also indicates a sharp increase in the cost of credit, the decline in consumer confidence, rising inflation expectations, as evidenced by the stats. More and more drops, less is growing, and global financial organizations vying to predict a recession later this year.