Russians were reminded of the right to free housing

Lawyer Gusyatnikova: Russians can get municipal or office housing for free. Senior Managing partner of the PG Partners law firm Polina Gusyatnikova, in an interview with the Prime agency, recalled the right of Russians to receive free municipal or office housing.

As the lawyer explained, municipal housing is transferred to citizens by local authorities under a social employment contract, they can be used for an unlimited amount of time. You can live in it, register other people, but it cannot be sold, donated, or used as collateral. There is no need to pay taxes for such housing.

According to Gusyatnikova, an apartment under a social rental agreement can be obtained by people who do not have their own housing and the opportunity to purchase it, or families where each family member has less than the accounting rate. Such norms may be different in different regions. However, in order to qualify for municipal housing, you need to contact the local administration and get in line. At the same time, the lawyer warned that such queues move very slowly and people can wait for their apartments for decades.

And you try.How to test a new apartment in Russia before paying millions for it?On July 25, 2022, residents of emergency houses, those who live with relatives suffering from severe, chronic diseases and residents of communal apartments in which rooms are vacated can receive apartments on social rent, the specialist reminded.

In addition, Gusyatnikova continued, Russians can get office housing for free. Most often they are provided to the military, judges, law enforcement officers, doctors, teachers, deputies, officials, janitors, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. It can be given to those who do not own other residential premises, and only for the time of work in the organization, it is impossible to get such housing into ownership.

However, the employer can transfer the office apartment to the municipality, which will issue it under a social employment contract, which will allow it to be privatized. Also, employers allow you to buy office apartments at a discounted price, for example, by length of service.

Earlier, Russians were told about the reasons for eviction from one type of housing. Lawyers reminded that it is possible to lose office space before the termination of labor relations due to non-payment of utility bills for six months, damage to property and quarrels with neighbors. The mechanism of eviction from office and municipal housing is different. In the case of a municipal tenant, in return, the tenant receives a room with six square meters per person, and in the case of a service one, they are not obliged to provide other housing.