Medvedev called the issue of gas supplies to the EU part of the war against Russia

Working on the opening ceremony of the gas pipeline “Nord stream — 2”. Archive photo

Russia is ready to supply gas to Europe in contract volumes, but if the EU will twist arms, refusing to supply refurbished turbines for the “Nord stream” or from the start of the “Nord stream 2”, it will not be the volumes on which they rely, said the Deputy Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

Medvedev said the issue of gas supply part of the war being waged against Russia.

“We refused to supply gas to Europe ever. We built the “Nord stream — 2″, we have fulfilled all obligations, but we were told that your gas is not necessary, moreover, to pay we are in euros and in dollars can not, because now we have correspondent relationships with your banks. We then decided that in this case, for us the only option is to use the ruble as a means of payment. That is, the effects of the sanctions war that was waged by the West. Yes, and now we are ready to supply gas to the amount contracted,” he said an interview Darius Rosana French TV channel LCI.

However, according to Medvedev, the volume of supply will depend on the position of the Western and European countries.

“If we are to twist arms, if they prohibit payments or if they refuse the delivery of the repaired turbine or from the start of the “Nord stream 2″, such transfers would probably not be in the amounts in which Western countries are counting on it,” said he.