Medvedev explained the transformation from a liberal to a “hawk”

Medvedev linked the change in his liberal views with the Russophobic course of Russia’s partners, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev explained the change in his liberal views in an interview with Darius Roshben’s program on the French channel LCI.

“As for my feelings, they have certainly changed, it’s true,” Medvedev admitted, answering a journalist’s question about how the deputy chairman of the Security Council turned into one of the most important “hawks” of Russia.

According to him, the transformation from a liberal to a “hawk” is connected with the Russophobic course that Russia’s partners have begun to pursue.

“And this is not due to the fact that I was somehow reborn, but to the course that our partners began to pursue. I can’t call this course anything but Russophobic. A change in rhetoric is also connected with this, there is nothing surprising in this,” he said.

In the interview, Medvedev also said that Russia’s vital interests are already under threat, so conducting a special operation “to protect Donbass and demilitarize the Armed Forces of Ukraine” was necessary. “For the time being, it was possible to do without this operation. And we conducted negotiations with the Ukrainians, or at least tried to conduct some, and with the Europeans, and with the United States of America,” he said. The politician noted that these negotiations did not lead to anything.