Ovechkin reacted to the possible suspension of Russia from participating in the World Cup

Alexander Ovechkin expressed hope for Russia’s participation in the Hockey World Cup. Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin reacted to rumors about the possible non-participation of the Russian national team at the Hockey World Cup in 2024.

His words leads “Чемпионат.сом “.

The 36-year-old forward expressed hope that the national team will be able to take part in the tournament. “We were told that we would go to the Olympics, but we were thrown twice. I would like to play in the Cup,” Ovechkin said.

On August 25, two-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Fetisov admitted that he could not believe that the World Cup would be held without Russian stars of the National Hockey League (NHL). Prior to that, the commissioner of the North American League, Bill Daley, noted that the participation of the Russian national team in the tournament was in question due to the sanctions of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

On February 28, the IIHF suspended the national teams of Russia and Belarus from participating in competitions under its auspices. On August 20, the sanctions were extended until the end of the next season.