SME of Khakassia has attracted more than 600 million rubles under umbrella guarantees

. Small and medium business of the Republic of Khakassia attracted credits to 607 million rubles under the “umbrella of guarantee”, they have used 88 of entrepreneurs of the Republic, the press service of the Corporation SME (CMSP).

Deputy Director General Kirill KMSP Kolomiytsev, speaking at the business forum, said that “umbrella” bail is a simplified process of obtaining a loan in which 50% of the risk of the entrepreneur takes the SME Corporation.

“The guarantee issued by the Bank at the time of the loan. This allows twice to reduce the term of the loan. The guarantee to entrepreneurs for free, the Commission pays for the Bank. The Corporation generates and monitors the loan portfolio of the banks so that support is really small and micro businesses, which is most in need of sponsorship,” said Kolomiytsev.

The Minister of economic development of the Republic of Khakassia Viktor Bogushevich, in turn, stressed the importance of expanding cooperation between big business with small and medium-sized enterprises.”Small businesses can know the needs of large and upgrade their production accordingly request the experienced players, thereby expanding their market. Our task now is to modernize production and to make small and medium business working in tandem with the large,” he said.

Speaking about the possibilities of entrepreneurship development in the Republic of Khakassia, Kolomiytsev drew attention to the mechanism of borrowing under the Program of stimulation of crediting (PSK). It is implemented CMSP and the Central Bank of Russia.

“Program “PSK” small and medium businesses can obtain loans at a rate to 11%. With regard to the purposes of the loan, then now again the loan is for working capital purposes, the refinancing of existing loans and for investment purposes. The program involves a 59 accredited banks, a complete list can be viewed on the website of the SME Corporation. Since the beginning of this year under this program, entrepreneurs of the Republic of Khakassia received a credit of up to 35 million rubles”, — he said.

Kolomiytsev reminded that in order to support manufacturing companies in conjunction with the economic development Ministry and the Bank of Russia launched a pilot program of lending for investment projects and for project financing. Corporation it will be the operator.”By combining the two programs — “ICH” and “1764” we can provide entrepreneurs with preferential loans at a rate of 3% for medium companies and 4.5% for micro and small enterprises. Taking into account the views of the regions defined by the industry where increasingly need soft investkredit. As priority sectors selected for manufacturing, logistics and hospitality” — said Kolomiytsev.

An important direction, he said, is the digitalization of support measures. Today, all online services are accumulated on the platform of SMEs.Of the Russian Federation. It was developed by a Corporation SMP jointly with the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation with the participation of entrepreneurs.

“Now the users of the Digital platform for SMEs.RF 19 available services. The most interesting is the “anti-Crisis measures”, in this section you will find 45 of the Federal action and more than 300 regional, including five of the Republic of Khakassia. By December, all regional measures will be available to SMEs.Of the Russian Federation”, — said Kolomiytsev.