Medvedev assessed the threat of World War III and quoted the Bible

Medvedev, with the phrase from the Bible “And the first angel sounded”, assessed the threat of World War III, the risks of World War III are still being contained, it is for this that Russia has launched a special operation in Ukraine, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview with the French TV channel LCI.

“I hope not, and yet it is still possible to hold the situation,” – this is how Medvedev assessed the threat of a new global conflict.

At the same time, the politician made a biblical comparison and quoted a phrase from the Revelation of John the Theologian (The Apocalypse, the last book of the New Testament in the Bible).: “And the first angel sounded, and hail and fire became” — well, at least the first angel sounded. But the apocalypse has not yet come and, I hope, it will not come,” Medvedev said, noting that Russia’s policy is aimed at ensuring that the third World War does not happen.

“Let’s face it, even a special military operation is being carried out in order to prevent the Third World War from happening,” he added.

In the same interview, Dmitry Medvedev said that there are four grounds for Russia’s use of nuclear weapons, but there are no actions threatening the existence of the state yet. Medvedev stressed that “the military doctrine on this topic in our country is open.”