Europe has entered the fairway of US gas policy, Medvedev said

Gas compressor station in Lithuania . Archive photo

Russia does not want to cut off gas to Europe, for decades, it is, but she got up in the Wake of US policy, if Germany wants to buy LNG in Canada, although it is significantly more expensive than pipeline from Russia, let them buy, said the Deputy Chairman of the security Council Dmitry Medvedev.”We don’t want to block. We have decades of supplying gas to Europe. Europe was happy and we were happy. So, relationships should be pragmatic. But now Europe has risen in the Wake of U.S. policy,” – said Medvedev in interview to the program Darius Rosana French TV channel LCI.

He recalled during the presidency trump proposal to put US liquefied natural gas.

“It’s very expensive, it is almost impossible. But now Europe has brought himself to a position where she was seriously considering this option. Pipeline gas is much cheaper, and liquefied natural gas scary way,” – said Medvedev.

“So much so that the Chancellor Scholz went to Canada to agree on the supply of liquefied natural gas, citing his desire to, it is better to buy gas in a democratic, close to the country than Russia. Well, let buying,” he concluded.