About eight million tons of Russian fertilizers remain blocked

Granular potash . Archive photo

About 8 million tons of fertilizers and raw materials from Russia remain locked due to Western sanctions on transshipment terminals, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Despite the Washington and Brussels allegations that anti-Russian sanctions do not apply to food and fertilizers, still resulting from their introduction blocks with conducting banking transactions, insurance and transportation of goods. …To date, due to Western sanctions only in transshipment terminals remain locked 7-8 million tons of fertilizers and raw materials, sufficient for food production to 100 million people”, – reads the statement on the implementation of the agreements reached in Istanbul on July 22.

The Russian Ministry stressed that Russia’s share in the structure of world food markets is much more Ukrainian, for example, last year the export of grain amounted to 43 million tons, and this year it is planned to increase this figure to 50 million tons of products. Russia is also one of the largest suppliers of fertilizers in the world, its share in the world total is 25% (or 27 million tons).

“In this regard, it is important that all stakeholders responsibly and faithfully went to the full implementation of the Istanbul interrelated agreements. This approach will help to ensure the global food security and reducing the existing threats,” added the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

In Istanbul on 22 July, the signing of multilateral agreements on the withdrawal of restrictions on the supply of oil products for export and the promotion of Russian export of Ukrainian grain. The deal, which was signed by representatives of Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UN, involves the export of Ukrainian grain, food and fertilizer across the Black sea from three ports, including Odessa.