A “sleep-enhancing” burger with fly agaric for 1299 rubles will appear in a Russian cafe

A burger with fly agaric to “improve sleep” will appear in a cafe in Krasnoyarsk for 1299 rubles. A burger with fly agaric will appear in one of the cafes in Krasnoyarsk, which, as representatives of the institution say, will help improve sleep.

The cost of the dish was estimated at 1,299 rubles, according to the restaurant community in VKontakte.

“Just a bomb novelty will be waiting for you — a burger with fly agaric. A unique recipe developed in our magical taste laboratory,” the post says.

“They are our main friends and enemies”How Russians got hooked on eating poisonous mushrooms — microdosing fly agaric on May 11, 2022 In the comments, representatives of the Russian cafe noted that there is nothing illegal and prohibited by law in the recipe of the dish.

Users of the social network noted that the price for a burger is too high. In turn, the institution clarified that this burger is not for “just to eat”, “but to experience true gastronomic pleasure”.

Earlier, a student from St. Petersburg got lost in the forest in the Leningrad region, started picking mushrooms from hunger and poisoned herself to death. Later, the Janelidze Ambulance Research Institute clarified that the girl had eaten a pale toadstool.