The narcologist named the professions most susceptible to alcoholism

The narcologist Sivolap said that most often, anesthesiologists suffer from alcoholism, most often people who are very busy with work suffer from alcohol addiction, in particular anesthesiologists, said narcologist Yuri Sivolap.

In an interview with the “Newspaper.En” he named other professions whose representatives are most susceptible to alcoholism.

According to the expert, dependence on strong alcoholic beverages is formed in people whose professional activity is associated with excessive physical and emotional stress, as well as a high level of stress. As a rule, due to irregular working hours, they have a poor balance between work and personal life, he noted.

“American oncologists were amazed by what they saw”the USSR made a revolution in the fight against cancer. Why did the system built by the Union collapse?On March 31, 2021, doctors belong to such dangerous professions, Sivolap said.

In addition to anesthesiologists, resuscitators, traumatologists and surgeons suffer from alcohol addiction more often than others. The narcologist also mentioned nurses, firefighters and emergency workers. In his opinion, alcohol acts on them as a means of calming and relaxing. “Alcohol, like other psychoactive substances, acts on the reward system of the brain and causes a physiological reinforcement reaction: I drank, I felt good — so I need to drink more. That’s how addiction arises,” explained the narcologist, pediatrician Violetta Burdakova told about how to drink water properly in the heat.

According to her, it is better to use the liquid a little, but often, than once, but in large portions.