The Minister of Transport of Lithuania called the payment of Kaliningrad transit legal

Railway marshalling yard in Kaliningrad. Archive photo

Lithuanian banks can and should take from the Russian side transit fees, as they are legitimate, said the Minister of transport of Lithuania Marius of Skuodis.

“You have to pay, payment, payment is legitimate. The state must ensure that drove only those goods that can be carried in accordance with the European regulation and explanations. <...> I repeat the words of the Prime Minister, that for its part, the government has implemented almost all of the actions that were possible. From what I hear, the calculations must be carried out, although do not rule out that certain subjects, it will cause problems”, — quotes the words of the official Agency ELTA.

The Minister reiterated that the transit to Kaliningrad is a commercial service that cater to commercial banks, and the state of Lithuania relation to this matter.

“Because of payment issues will be very much. Sanctions are constantly changing, tougher. <...> For specific enterprises, the payment may be broken now and in the future,” said Skuodis.

Lithuania Siauliai-Bank, through which passed the payments for the Kaliningrad transit, August 15, ceased operations with Russia in rubles, payments in other currencies will stop on 1 September.

The Lithuanian authorities banned from June 18 to carry across the country in Kaliningrad oblast goods that fall under the sanctions of the European Union: building materials, metal, wood, cement, fertilizer, alcohol, eggs, and other categories. In Vilnius insisted he was only following the EU sanctions. Subsequently, the European Commission published explanations, according to which the transit to Kaliningrad vehicles remain banned, and the carriage of goods by rail is possible with proper control.