Britons predicted a choice between heating and food for Christmas

FT: Britons will have to choose between heating and food at Christmas because of energy prices. British residents were predicted to choose between heating and food at Christmas because of rising energy prices.

This is reported by the Financial Times newspaper.

“The sad confirmation of an 80 percent increase in maximum energy bills since October will force many to choose between heating and power for Christmas. For businesses, many of which may face a fourfold increase in bills, the solution may lie between job cuts or closure,” the publication says.

“This is a historic challenge”Europe is losing billions and suffering from rising prices: how long will it be able to help Ukraine?On July 9, 2022, energy sector regulators warned that the typical gas and electricity bill for a British household from October will rise from 1971 pounds (about 141 thousand rubles) to 3549 pounds (about 254 thousand rubles) per year.

The increase in the so-called marginal price level by almost 80 percent is caused by an increase in wholesale prices for gas and electricity due to a reduction in Russian energy supplies.

The Financial Times believes that the British government needs to turn to alternative energy sources. The authorities should adapt to the use of solar, wind and nuclear energy, as well as allocate billions of pounds in support for the most vulnerable households and companies.

Earlier, the operator of the unified British energy system, National Grid, suggested that the energy crisis could last at least three years. The company recommends this winter to allocate up to five million pounds ($ 5.9 million) to factories that will be forced to reduce production in the event of an aggravation of the gas crisis.