The government has approved the requirements for software on critical infrastructure

Government employee at work. Archive photo

The Russian government approved the software requirements for critical infrastructure and rules of agreement of the purchases made abroad, according to Minsitry.

“The government has approved the requirements for the software authorities and state-owned companies on important objects of critical information infrastructure, as well as the rules for approval of foreign purchases and the transition to domestic. The decision was prepared pursuant to the presidential decree on measures to ensure technological independence and security of critical information infrastructure of the Russian Federation”, – stated in the message in the Telegram channel of the Ministry.

In late March, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree prohibiting government contractors from March 31 to buy foreign software for critical infrastructure without coordination with relevant agencies, and 2025 the use of foreign programs on critical infrastructure will be completely prohibited.

“On important objects of critical information infrastructure can only use the software included in the register of Russian or Eurasian IN. Certain types of products must have a certificate confirming compliance with the requirements of the FSB and FSTEC of Russia”, – says Minsitry on the ruling government.

“Purchase of foreign software needs to be agreed by the industry Ministry. For purchases over 100 million rubles requires additional coordination Commission, which is formed when Minsitry Russia. Control over observance of public rules of coordination of procurement of foreign software will perform Minsitry Russia”, – added in the message.

It notes that the Ministry of industry will need to approve transition plans for the Russian software on important objects of critical information infrastructure, based on these state-owned companies will have to develop and approve individual transition plans.