The Finnish manufacturer warned about the shortage of toilet paper

One of the largest in the EU, manufacturers of sanitary-hygienic paper, Finnish Metsä Tissue has warned about the threat of a shortage due to the energy crisis, the press release of the organization.

“In recent weeks, the company Metsä Tissue has been forced to cut production at its plants in Zilina (Slovakia) and Kreuzau (Germany) due to high electricity prices. High energy prices are likely to further reduce production, which can also affect the availability of daily production in the markets, because they will have a significant daily production losses”, – stated in the message.

The high price of energy makes it difficult business in all European markets for Metsä Tissue.

“To mitigate the situation, we have studied all possible measures to increase energy efficiency, and ongoing actions to replace Russian gas with alternative energy sources. We were also forced to revise our proposal, and the crisis will also accelerate the transition to a strategy focused on fresh fiber, which helps to reduce energy consumption during the manufacture of paper compared to recycled fibre”, is given in the message of the quote is representative of Metsä Tissue Tobias Luning.

Metsä Tissue is one of the leading suppliers of sanitary paper in Europe and a leading supplier of greaseproof paper in the world. Brands include: Lambi, Serla, Mola, Tento, Katrin and SAGA. In manufacturing plants in five countries has about 2.5 thousand people. In 2021 net sales totalled EUR 900 million. Metsä Tissue is part of Metsä Group of Finnish.