Polymers for automotive components and electrical engineering have been developed in Moscow

Polypropylene granules. Archive photo

Capital research and production enterprise (NCE) Polyplastic Patriotic fully developed polymeric materials for the production of automotive components and electrical equipment, the press service of the city Department of investment and industrial policy (DIPP).

“Moscow manufacturers are actively developing new technological solutions in various industries. So, one of them created a completely domestic polymeric materials based polycarbonates for the manufacture of parts of the interior, exterior and engine compartment of the car. Previously, these products are almost not made in Russia and imported from abroad. The development will help the domestic auto industry to achieve technological sovereignty, minimizes the risks associated with the failure or lack of material supply from abroad, and will increase the degree of localization of production”, – said the head of the Department of Vladislav ovchinsky.

He added that the developed polymeric materials fully meet the technical requirements of the automotive industry. In modern car about 150 kilograms of plastics, of them produce not only familiar to all interior parts, bumpers or radiator grille. Also from polymers made of the fuel tanks, parts airbags, and other high-tech components.

“Located in Moscow scientific and technical center of the company continues to actively work to create a series of innovative polymeric materials not only for the automotive industry, but also for other Russian industries: construction, manufacturing, electricity and household appliances. The company develops materials for specic requirements of a particular industry and General engineering purposes: for example, the flame retardant polymer composition based on polycarbonate is an alternative to the five foreign materials, impact resistant and thirteen,” said the General Director of NPP Polyplastic Alexander Pavlov.

According to him, competence of Russian experts, enable us to work on high-tech materials and to create polymer compounds using nanotechnology that can replace any foreign products on the Russian counterparts.