A popular Russian blogger appreciated the humor of Urgant

Blogger Stas Kruglitsky admitted that he likes the humor of TV presenter Ivan Urgantpopular Russian blogger Stas Kruglitsky appreciated the humor of TV presenter Ivan Urgant.

On the air of the program “Daring Cooking”, the release of which is available on YouTube, he said that he really likes how the showman jokes.

The blogger called Urgant’s humor intellectual. Kruglitsky admitted that he would like to come to the same level of humor as the showman. “I’m just already sure that I won’t come [to the level of Urgant’s humor], because in order to joke like that, so freely, you need to read a lot of books. (…) It’s like saying, “I would like to become a professional hockey player now, play hockey.” This is impossible, it was necessary to study as a child, it’s the same here,” he said.

As Kruglitsky noted, it is not difficult to guess that the TV presenter has read and studied a lot since childhood. “Urgant remembers all the works of all the authors, all the actors, directors. All simply, all by heart. He knows all the songs by heart. He plays the piano freely,” he stressed.

Earlier, Kruglitsky on the air of the show “Babushkin’s Respirator” answered a question about emigration from Russia. He declared that he loves his country, and added that he was not going to leave it.

Stas Kruglitsky is a popular blogger from Syktyvkar. He became famous on social networks thanks to humorous videos where he, in the image of a girl named Santana, ridicules stereotypes about women.