Russians were called spoiling the figure of autumn clothes

Marie Claire: corduroy trousers and open-shouldered sweaters spoil the figure The editors of the Marie Claire portal listed autumn clothes that spoil the figure to Russians and offered her an alternative.

The corresponding material appeared on the publication’s website.

According to experts, trousers made of corduroy and velvet can add extra volume to the forms. At the same time, they noted that these products are a trend, so they recommended those who want to buy them to choose flared models or styles with wide legs. At the same time, they can be replaced by eco-leather pants.

In addition, this list includes jackets with patch pockets, instead of which you should buy oversize jackets, as well as sweaters with open shoulders, which are better to prefer free-cut silhouettes, experts said. In turn, the journalists called the sweater dress one of the anti-trends of the current year. It was replaced by minimalistic knitwear dresses. In addition, journalists advised to abandon banana trousers and breeches, adding straight-cut trousers to the wardrobe.

Earlier in August, Wear editor Elise Huber named out-of-fashion clothes for autumn and its replacement. According to the specialist, in the coming season, blazers made of artificial leather will lose their relevance, which will give way to jackets made of natural materials. At the same time, tight-fitting trousers with slits around the ankles will be replaced by trousers with wide legs. Ribbed knitwear will be replaced by maxi-length dresses.