The Amur region will present about a hundred types of goods at the WEF-2022

The seller pours honey into the jar. Archive photo

Amur oblast VII at the upcoming Eastern economic forum (WEF) will present about 100 kinds of products Amur, said the Governor Vasily Orlov.

“We will present at the WEF about 100 species Amur goods. Their total weight, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to 1.5 tons. In addition to the already known outside the region’s products, such as BAD dihydroquercetin and Amur honey, you’re taking a new. In our pavilion, guests will be able to meet young entrepreneurs and their products, such as clothing and accessories with the symbols of the Far East, and the Amur region”, – quotes Orlov press service.

According to the Minister of economic development and external relations of the region Oksana Kochenevo, the product line took careful. So, the widest range of products will be represented by the company “Taiga ORGANICA”. Their honey four years ago, in one day, became world famous after tasting, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President XI Jinping during a visit to the Amur pavilion. To date, the list of products managed multiple to expand new products, most of them will offer visitors.”Products Amur region is known far beyond its borders, primarily synonymous with quality and environmental performance, and the combination of natural ingredients only increases interest in her. In addition to honey and cream honey, you can buy nut mixes, lavender and pine syrup, marmalade, honey and wine konfitur”, – said the Director of the company Tatiana Kapustina.

From the company “Leodr” in Vladivostok brought 550 litres of “live” tyndinskiy kvass. Manufacturer “Seryshevsky” will offer visitors curd cheese, dry sausage and meat snacks, and the Annunciation milk factory – milk shakes and whey drinks.

The Amur region will be brought to the WEF and unique supplements, such as dihydroquercetin company “Ametis”, which is produced from the wood of Larix dahurica. It has a high degree of biological activity and has positive effects on metabolic reactions and dynamics of various pathological processes and can be widely used in various industries.

For the first time at the pavilion will feature apparel and accessories with the author’s symbolism of the Far East, and the Amur region. The brand “My East” with the financial support of the Amur Center “My business” family Silvani developed just over a year ago, told the Agency.

“It is important that the region does not trust only proven producers, but also to young entrepreneurs for whom participation in the forum of this scale opens up new possibilities for the development and scaling of your business,” – are reported words of one of the founders of a local clothing brand of Anton Sylvania.

VEF-2022 will be held from 5 to 8 September in Vladivostok (Primorsky Krai) on the campus of far Eastern Federal University. After the forum’s business programme of the exhibition “Street of the Far East” will continue to work for all residents and guests of the capital far Eastern Federal district until September 11.