The bitcoin exchange rate fell below 17 thousand dollars

Bloomberg: The bitcoin exchange rate has fallen to $17,599, this is the minimum since the end of 2020:

Bitcoin has broken through several closely monitored price levels, reaching a minimum since the end of 2020 — below 17 thousand dollars. This is reported by Bloomberg.

The exchange rate of the largest cryptocurrency fell by 15 percent to $ 17,599 on Saturday, June 18, which was a record 12th daily drop in a row, according to the agency. The Ether exchange rate fell by about 19 percent to $881, which is the lowest since January 2021.

Both leaders of the cryptocurrency market have fallen by more than 70 percent compared to historical highs set in early November. It is noted that the total amount of liquidations on the cryptocurrency market over the past 24 hours amounted to $ 435.5 million.

Earlier in a conversation with Lenta.” economist Nikolai Kulbaka said that the fall of bitcoin is due to a decrease in interest in it. “This is an asset whose value is determined by how much people want to consider it a valuable asset. Therefore, its fluctuations will be and will be large throughout the entire time of its existence,” the expert suggested.