Through the largest Chinese messenger, it was forbidden to sell cryptocurrency

The owner of WeChat WeChat banned the sale of cryptocurrencies in messengers, the owner of the largest in China and one of the world’s largest messengers WeChat, Tencent Holding banned the sale and promotion of any cryptocurrencies on the site, as well as transactions with non-interchangeable tokens (NFT), writes the South China Morning Post.

They promise to apply sanctions to account owners who violate the established rules, up to blocking and deleting accounts. To begin with, the administration of the messenger will offer users to “adjust the account”.

In 2021, the People’s Bank of China (the local Central Bank) banned any transactions with cryptocurrencies, as well as their mining, explaining this by the increased volatility and riskiness of investments in this type of asset.

WeChat is the most popular messenger among Chinese residents with an audience of over a billion people. The application also allows you to make payments and transfers, make some documents and make purchases.