Siemens Energy commented on the words of the Canadian Foreign Ministry about the transfer of gas turbines

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during the inspection of the turbine for the “Nord stream” at the Siemens factory. Archive photo

The words of the canadian foreign Minister Melanie Joly about sending to Germany turbines for the “Nord stream” refers to the resolution adopted in July, said RIA Novosti in Siemens Energy.

Previously, canadian TV channel CBC announced that the country is undergoing maintenance six turbines for the “Nord stream”, and in July, the canadian authorities have given permission for them to be sent to Germany for further transportation. One unit was transferred and is now in Germany. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said CBC that Berlin continues to work with Ottawa on sending the remaining turbines. And the head of the canadian foreign Minister Melanie Joly reiterated that the decision was made to send turbines in Germany.”A new state of Affairs in connection with the maintenance or potential status maintenance of turbines associated with the “Nord stream” no. An announcement of canadian Minister of foreign Affairs is a confirmation issued as an exception, the permissions granted by the government of Canada in July of transportation, in General, the six turbines for gas pipeline “Nord stream” in Germany. One of the turbines is in Germany for several weeks,” the company said.

None of the Siemens turbine with a compressor station Portovaya, which provides a flow of gas through Nord stream, is not repaired in Canada, according to “Gazprom”, after the canadian foreign Minister about the intention to transfer the remaining turbine after renovation Germany.

Nord stream is the main route of gas supplies from Russia to Europe from mid-June is reduced, and since the end of July – only 20% of the nearly 170 million “cubes” capacity per day. The Russian side has repeatedly stressed that the restriction of supplies due solely to the sanctions, which had problems with the maintenance and repair of gas pumping units of Siemens.

Now the work of the highway provides only one engine Siemens, with a capacity of 52 MW. In normal operation these engines there are five and one is on standby in standby mode. Plus, in both cases there is a hot spare or two turbines with a capacity of 27 MW.

Delivery to Germany turbines for the “Nord stream” after repair in Canada does not meet the terms of the contract, Russia will need confirmation that this and other turbine, which requires service do not fall under the sanctions of Canada, the UK and the European Union, said earlier the Russian Embassy in Berlin.