VTB Leasing offers PAZ buses with a profit of seven percent of the retail price

VTB Leasing offers PAZ buses with a profit of 7% of the retail price VTB Leasing offers special conditions for the purchase of PAZ 3204 buses of various modifications.

Vehicles are available for leasing with a minimum advance of ten percent for up to five years. The benefit from the recommended retail price will be about seven percent. The offer is limited and valid until August 30, 2022.

When purchasing a Vector Next bus (PAZ 320455-04) with a recommended retail value of 6,604,000 rubles for a period of five years and forty-nine percent in advance, the discount will be 462,280 rubles. The monthly payment will be equal to 88,586 rubles with VAT. And the tax savings will amount to 2.8 million rubles.

The PAZ Vector Next (3204) is a basic model of the PAZ bus family designed to operate on urban and suburban routes, as well as in the corporate transportation segment. Modern design, compliance with the requirements of environmental safety and passenger comfort, simplicity and ease of operation are successfully combined with a minimum payback period and availability of spare parts, which makes this model one of the leaders in the Russian market in its class.

“VTB Leasing is pleased to offer its customers favorable conditions for the purchase of PAZ buses. In addition to the initially attractive cost of buses, various options are available to our customers when entering into the transaction: minimum advance, minimum monthly payments or minimum overpayment for leasing, which allow you to choose the optimal payments for the company and comfortably use the vehicle during the financial lease period. Tax benefits that reduce the cost of owning a car under a leasing agreement also remain an important advantage of this type of financing,” said Vyacheslav Mikhailov, head of the VTB Leasing Business Development Department.