Russians have revealed their attitude to cryptocurrencies

The Tangem survey showed that nine percent of Russians have a negative attitude to cryptocurrencies, less than half of Russians have a positive attitude to cryptocurrencies, Kommersant writes with reference to a survey by the manufacturer of Tangem crypto wallets.

Only 6 percent are well versed in the topic of cryptocurrencies, but almost 80 percent know the term itself. 45 percent of respondents have a positive attitude towards digital assets, 46 percent are neutral towards them, and another 9 percent are negative. The most positive is the opportunity to earn (44 percent), and the negative is the lack of material reinforcement (68 percent).

Bitcoin from TradingView, less than a third (31 percent) are ready to buy cryptocurrency in the next six months, about 30 percent do not plan to do it at all.

Other figures are also revealed in the survey. Thus, 72 percent of respondents have never bought cryptocurrency, 15 percent have purchased digital assets worth up to $ 100, 9 percent — from $ 100 to $ 1,000, 4 percent — more than $ 1,000. Basically, the respondents decided to invest their funds in cryptocurrency because of the desire to understand what kind of tool it is, in order to save funds and diversify investments.

Experts estimate the total number of active and passive users of cryptocurrencies in Russia at no more than one million people. Currency restrictions imposed by the country’s authorities in the spring accelerated the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, says Nikita Vassev, founder of TerraCrypto.

Previously, analysts of the Institute of Research and Expertise of VEB.Against the background of sanctions, the Russian Federation proposed to create a gold-backed stablecoin in Russia under the working name “golden ruble”.