The limit of the fall of the bitcoin exchange rate has been named

Economist Belyaev called the marginal drop in the bitcoin exchange rate to 19 thousand dollars The bitcoin exchange rate:

The fall in the bitcoin exchange rate was expected, according to the candidate of economic Sciences, financial analyst Mikhail Belyaev. In his opinion, the cryptocurrency has reached its minimum limit and will continue to hold at around 19-20 thousand dollars. The specialist stated this in a conversation with”.

Earlier it became known that the bitcoin exchange rate dropped to the level of 19.6 thousand dollars. The cryptocurrency last reached such a mark on July 6, according to RBC.

Bitcoin has burst”In short, bitcoin is falling due to the fact that it has no real basis other than some kind of belief that bitcoin is a miraculous currency.

There was a certain moment of hype on the information wave, either because it was needed for shadow operations, or on artificially created demand when it was growing. This fueled the price. It was a self-unfolding process that spurred the hype. Sooner or later it had to end. People who understand something about currency problems predicted this from the very beginning, both for bitcoin and for any other cryptocurrency,” Belyaev said.

It is difficult to predict to what extent bitcoin will fall, the economist noted. “People who bought currency at a certain rate, maybe 20-30 thousand dollars, will keep it until the last. And they will have faith that someday the times will return when they will be able to at least reduce their bitcoin costs to zero. And hope dies last, as you know,” Belyaev explained.

But these 19-20 thousand dollars is the limit below which it will be difficult for people to fall. Apparently, bitcoin will rest on this cushion, Mikhail Belyaev, a financial analyst, and the head of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, Anatoly Aksakov, announced the possibility of creating a Russian cryptocurrency exchange within the Moscow Exchange.

“This is a division that will work within the framework of a respected organization with great traditions, accustomed to actively interact with the Central Bank (CB) — it will best cope with the task of carrying out operations with cryptocurrency,” Aksakov admitted.

The deputy added that cryptocurrencies will be the focus of attention of the lower house of the Russian parliament in the autumn session, bills will be submitted to regulate their turnover.