Putin approved the idea of the responsibility of the manufacturer for the disposal of packaging

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Archive photo

MOSCOW, 24 Jul – RIA Novosti. President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the transfer of responsibility for the disposal of the packaging to its producers, the press service of the Russian ecological operator (REO) with reference to the letter of Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko President.

It is noted that Putin signed the document.

Abramchenko Putin sent a letter requesting the application of new principles of the mechanism of extended producer responsibility (EPR). The letter was provided to RIA Novosti press-service of the REO.

According to the document, the Deputy Prime Minister proposes “to shift responsibility for the disposal of packaging for manufacturers of packaging”. Also offered “the possibility of compliance waste disposal specially created associations”.

The responsibility for the disposal of the total volume of produced packaging Abramchenko offers to install from January 1, 2025. Currently, the regulations packaging waste is limited 10-45%.

Previously, the General Director of REO Denis Butsaev at the meeting with Putin asked him to support the changes in the Institute of extended producer responsibility.

“The President supported the reform of the ROP. First, we’ll go from inefficient administrative million small businesses using packaging for the effective administration of producers of packaging, of which there are about 2.5 thousand. This greatly simplifies the mechanism of ROP — how to the Supervisory authority and the subjects themselves ROP”, – quotes the press service of the REO Butsaev.

Also, according to him, the Association has proved ineffective in the performance of ROP.

“Excluding associations from the mechanism of ROP allows to whitewash it, and get rid of the practice of fake certificates and the alleged recovery, which occurs only on the documents, but in fact the waste thrown in the landfill and not recycled,” said Butsaev.

EPR (extended producer responsibility) is the responsibility of manufacturers and importers of goods to be responsible for the disposal of those goods that are produced, and the packaging that was used in the production of goods to the market. Manufacturers and importers of goods that do not provide waste disposal, shall pay the environmental fee. The mechanism of ROP introduced in Russia in 2014 and 2019, the government launched a reform.