Electricity bills in Britain could triple

The bulb. Archive photo

MOSCOW, 23 Jul – RIA Novosti. Electricity bills in the UK can grow more than 3 times from April 2023 to reach 6.5 thousand pounds a year, according to British newspaper the Telegraph, citing forecasts consulting company in energy Auxilione.

According to the forecasts of the company, since October, the maximum allowable size of the annual accounts for the energy consumption in the UK will be 3 576 pounds a year. In January 2023, this figure will reach 5 066 pounds, and since April – a record 6 552 lb, 500 pounds more than in the previous forecast, the article says.

According to the report, changes in the projections associated with a sharp increase in the price of natural gas. On Tuesday, as data showed the London exchange ICE, the stock price of gas in Europe is close to 3 thousand dollars for 1 thousand cubic meters.

British energy regulator Ofgem 1 April raised the maximum amount of annual electricity bills of 1,400 to nearly 2,000 pounds for consumers due to the sharp rise in world energy prices. On the following increase the maximum limit for payment of bills, which will come into force in October this year, will be announced on 26 August.