Russians who bought NFT at the peak told about losses

Blogger Siler said that he lost about 23 thousand dollars on NFT after the rise in popularity of NFT in 2021, interest in him fell.

“The tape.” talked to investors who bought NFT at the peak of interest in the technology. The commercial director of the Singer trading house, Danil Bilalov, and blogger Radion Sailer, told the Russians about their losses and the specifics of such investments.

The technology itself appeared in 2017 from the world of cryptocurrencies. It secures the right of ownership of a digital object for one user and confirms the uniqueness of digital property. The information is stored on the blockchain, that is, a database located on several computers at once. Blockchain information cannot be deleted or changed, and it is almost impossible to hack.

NFT technology protects the uniqueness of the content. When copying an ordinary photo in JPEG format, its authenticity cannot be determined, and the author remains unknown. When an image receives an NFT token, the copying history is saved, and each user knows exactly the author and owner.

The usefulness of collections is the most popular NFT tokens for paintings, music and other works of art, but also tokens can get real objects, for example, houses or vehicles.

According to Danil Bilalov, when buying NFT, he focused on the benefits of investments.

“I became interested in the subject of NFT in January of this year. I wanted to sell something myself and began to study deeply how to launch my own collection. In April I bought my first NFTs, first of all I looked at the usefulness of collections. I have in my collection works that give access to real estate sales in the USA, there is a collection in which speculators sit. In general, my portfolio was formed at the peak of the value of the crypt and was about 30 thousand rubles, now due to the decline and instability of the value of the collection, the portfolio value of the works is about 5000 rubles,” he said about his experience.

At the same time, when buying NFT, there is a risk of losses not only due to the peculiarities of the market, but also due to unscrupulous sellers, Danil Bilalov warned.

There are collections that, as they say in the world of NFT, have been scrapped — they were simply fraudulent schemes. After the start of sales, the collection ceases to be supported by the founders, all social networks are closed, only Bilalovkommercial director of the Singer trading house remains, Losses are inevitable, Radion Sailer said that he buys NFT even after interest in it has decreased.

According to him, investments in NFT collections are the most valuable and profitable.

I was not disappointed in NFT, a good influx of money came to the market thanks to them, as well as the popularization of cryptocurrencies in general. The losses in general amounted to 23 thousand dollars, but this is such a market, you need to be able to both receive and give away the Sailerbloger”Buying NFT, I first of all become a collector who wants to collect as much as possible from this collection and then sell it at a bargain price.

In the market, the price has not fallen for all NFTs, there are some that are still getting more expensive, for example, this is the BAYC collection. I’ve always had huge plans for her. When I bought NFT, I knew that the price could go down, and the moment of popularity would pass,” he explained.

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