The Russian giant has started issuing a digital analogue of bonds

Norilsk Nickel has started issuing CFAs for its debt Norilsk Nickel, the largest producer of palladium and nickel, has started issuing digital financial assets (CFAs) for its debt on the Atomize blockchain platform, Lenta was informed.

The new token was named New Money Market (NMM). One of the suppliers of the Russian giant bought the CFA, and then sold it to Rosbank at a discount equal to the cost of Norilsk Nickel’s credit risk.

The CFA for accounts payable can be called a digital analogue of bonds, in Atomize it is characterized as a promising instrument of short-term trade financing. Its provision is the financial obligation of Norilsk Nickel to return funds to the investor within the terms specified in the issue documentation.

The token parameters are determined by the company’s debt to the supplier. The supplier gets the opportunity to sell the CFA on the secondary market in order to get money faster, in whole or in part, or can keep the CFA or sell it back to the issuer.

The largest co-owner of Norilsk Nickel is businessman Vladimir Potanin, who has been declaring an interest in digital assets for several years. One of the investors of Atomize is also its Interros, the platform was the first in Russia to receive a license from the Central Bank to manage digital financial assets.

Potanin himself in February expected that the authorities in the near future will be able to offer the possibility of transactions with the CFA to ordinary citizens who do not have the status of a qualified investor.