Moldova is seeking to break the contract with Gazprom, the former prime minister said

The building of the residence of the President of Moldova in Chisinau. Archive photo

The Moldovan side will result in termination of the contract with “Gazprom”, as performed, according to the former Prime Minister ion chicu.

In October last year, when the country signed a new agreement with Gazprom, a prerequisite was the audit of the enterprise Moldovagaz. The government of Moldova in August signed a contract for the audit with the Norwegian company Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma and British Forensic Risk Alliance&Co. However, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Andrei spinu said “Gazprom” that the government will not have time to finish before October 1 of the audit of the debt, therefore, asked the Russian side for the delay.

“It seems that the Moldovan side, unfortunately, leads to break this contract. Clearly, openly, we can’t take it, but to bring up the fact that “Gazprom” is no longer supplied gas,” said Kiku TV channel Primul in Moldova.

According to him, the authorities do nothing to “Gazprom” was a pretext to continue the supply.

“You can, of course, rely on the international situation and to the space, but we’re not doing anything to implement even those obligations that we put on there,” said the former Prime Minister.

Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to the rise in energy prices. Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei spinu said that the authorities intend to reduce gas consumption in winter at least 15%. Government tabled a plan that includes off street lighting, lowering the temperature of the Central heating, transfer students for distance learning. On August 1, the company Moldovagaz start off consumers who have not paid in the period of services for the supply of natural gas.

The government of Moldova in October agreed with Gazprom to extend the contract for the supply of gas to the Republic subject to the audit of the company’s debt Moldovagaz in 2022. Gazprom said that given the situation in Moldova, it was decided to sign a contract almost to the conditions of the Moldovan side, but for prompt 100% payment of current payments. Gazprom has the opportunity at any time to stop the supply of gas to the Republic.

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