Proscenic 811GB Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

You know what it means to vacuum the floor when someone is at home. Maybe someone is working or studying and this is why you have to do it only at certain times of the day. Maybe you have a small child and you don’t want to wake him up. Or you may still have animals in your home that could easily be frightened by a noisy appliance. What to do then? We give you the solution with this fantastic robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner.

In fact it is a really exceptional robot able to thoroughly wash the floors using Microelectronic Technology. It is an accurate control of both the speed and the volume of the water to be used inside the tank. The water will filter evenly and the cloth will always have the right humidity, although it does not dry.

Different modes

You will also have many cleaning modes to choose from depending on your needs . First of all, the cleaning of the edges will eliminate even the most stubborn dirt from the corners. The best mode will focus on some areas in particular, such as places where there is a greater concentration of dirt. The cleaner will clean the floors very accurately and finally the automatic mode is ideal for daily cleaning.

You will also have anti-fall and anti-collision sensors, to avoid ruining both your furniture and your newly purchased robot. And if it started working and realizes it can’t finish cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the base and recharge. Just one click will suffice next time to clean your house from top to bottom.

This robot represents an excellent compromise between functionality and the possibility of having a very silent floor-cleaning robot and vacuum cleaner.

Proscenic 811GB Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review
Proscenic 811GB Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Product Name: Proscenic 811GB Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Product Description: Proscenic 811GB Robotic Vacuum Cleaner provides thorough cleaning of the room due to the cyclone filter. It is responsible for maintaining the suction power regardless of the filling level of the container. The sealed container can be quickly removed after use for cleaning up debris. The device operates on the basis of a capacious lithium-ion battery for one and a half hours without recharging the battery.

Brand: Proscenic

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Robot vacuum cleaner  is equipped with a filter that catches microparticles and allergens and creates an optimal microclimate in the room. The device will help to save time and to carry out effective cleaning in residential and office premises. Side brushes improve the quality of cleaning carpets and laminate.

  • Durability
  • Battery life
  • Easy to clean
  • Alexa integration
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  • The best noiseless robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner with only 60 dB of emissions
  • Microelectronic technology for water control
  • Wash with a cloth always with the right humidity
  • 4 different and better cleaning methods
  • Anti-fall and anti-collision sensors
  • It recharges itself by returning to the base when unloading
  • Inside the package also the remote control


  • In case of loss of connection it takes some time to reconnect