Neato Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Smart Robot Vacuum

Let’s start with the Laser Smart technology  with which this vacuum cleaner is oriented in the spaces. Through a laser turret our floor cleaning robot maps the room, perfectly memorizing the contours of the objects. In this way the cleaning cycles are more systematic compared to robots that display the spaces in real time. A nice advantage that prevents you from checking if all the surfaces have been passed.

The Spin Flow system provides a deep cleaning through large brushes that discharge dirt into a large, bag-free tank. Even the filter supplied is large and allows you to capture more dust in less time. You will actually halve the cleaning time even forgetting to have started them. You can do other things, from other chores to simply resting on the couch while someone else works.

At your service the Clever Corner technology which is ideal for reaching even the most difficult corners, those that by now you will be sure you cannot clean. In fact unlike all the other round vacuum cleaners, this, thanks to the D shape and the wider front brush, allows you to easily reach the dirt nestled in the corners and on the edges of the walls. It doesn’t matter if it finds hair, dust or hair of your small pets on the ground. In any case, you will say goodbye to him.

Including the Spiral Blade and Combo brushes. The first is powerful but silent, suitable for all surfaces, including carpets and rugs, or some of the most difficult surfaces to clean. The second one is designed to collect animal hair.

The scheduling of cleaning in certain days and times is simple with the best touch screen interface of the robot and turning it off is just as simple, pressing a button. Furthermore a factor not to be forgotten is the truly long-lasting battery. In this regard, know that, if necessary, the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to the base to recharge and resume where it left off.

Neato Robotics D7 Review
Neato Robotics D7

Product Name: Neato Robotics D7

Product Description: Neato Robotics D7 vacuum cleaner is suitable for daily use for all types of coatings. Thanks to the spiral petal brush, this model is ideal for pet owners and people with allergies. The unique technology of laser scanning and building a map of the room allows it to accurately navigate in space, which greatly improves the quality of cleaning and reduces its time.

Brand: Neato

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The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Wi-Fi module that allows you to control Neato from anywhere. Free App Neato allows you to remotely set the schedule to run the robot for cleaning, it is possible to start to re-cleaning, stop cleaning or to pause. The Neato app works with iOS and Android devices.

  • Durability
  • Battery life
  • Easy to clean
  • Alexa integration
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  • The best robot vacuum cleaner for the technology that provides you of 2019
  • Laser Smart Technology for orientation in spaces
  • Aspire with the Spin Flow system for deeper cleaning
  • Ultra Performance Filter to capture more dust in less time
  • Corner Clever technology helps you reach the most difficult corners
  • The D shape and the front brush of the robot eliminate any kind of dirt
  • The Spiral Bladee Combo brushes are supplied with the robot
  • The best touch screen interface to schedule cleaning when you want
  • Very long-lasting battery life
  • The robot returns to recharge itself if it has not finished cleaning and then resumes autonomously


  • Spare parts are not included in the package
  • In some opinions and reviews, customers have complained about noise