Netgear EX3700

Band type: AC Dual Band
Transmission speed: 750 Mbps

Are you looking for a Wi-Fi repeater capable of guaranteeing streaming experiences in full HD and high quality gaming? Then this is one of the best buying candidates.

The Netgear EX3700 repeater has been designed to provide you with optimal coverage without limiting your connection, thanks to the 750 Mbps Dual Band AC. Its large and powerful external antennas will guarantee you powerful coverage in every corner of your home, and for every device.

Using your home internet connection has never been so efficient. You can significantly improve the coverage of your modem router, and use the repeater as an access point. And with the Ethernet port, you can directly connect a device in wired mode, for an even more stable connection!

This Netgear EX3700 Wi-Fi repeater is equipped with FastLane technology, which guarantees better performance for full HD streaming and gaming. You will no longer have ping problems during your online gaming sessions, and no buffering while watching movies.

Setup and use are very simple, thanks to the convenient WPS button for pairing with your router. Your connection will be secure, safe from attackers. And at this price, the Netgear EX3700 repeater is one of the best choices for you, no doubt.

Netgear EX3700
Netgear EX3700

Product Name: Netgear EX3700

Product Description: Connect to the Internet anywhere in your home thanks to the easy-to-use wifi repeater. It increases the coverage area and reduces interference. And most importantly — it guarantees the absence of "dead zones", providing constant connection of mobile devices, smart TVs and game consoles.

Brand: Netgear

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The repeater connects to the power outlet and allows you to elegantly solve problems with the WiFi signal. It fits harmoniously into any interior and is almost invisible… until you notice the amplified WiFi signal.

  • Easy to use
  • Wi-Fi signal
  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
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  • Perfect Wi-Fi repeater for HD streaming and gaming
  • Equipped with AC Dual Band 750 Mbps
  • With large external antennas for optimal coverage
  • FastLane technology, to make the connection speed even better
  • Pairing with your router via WPS
  • Great price


  • The single Ethernet port is not Gigabit
  • The red light of poor connection often turns on without real reason