FileHub RAVPower N300

Band type: Wireless N
Transmission speed: 300 Mbps

We understand you. You want to buy a good Wi-Fi repeater, but with many other features. With this RAVPower hub, you will have a range extender, portable router, and more. So read this review carefully!

The FileHub produced by RAVPower is much more than a range extender. Thanks to its many features, you will have everything you need in one convenient device. Let’s start with the function that interests us in this article.

Its Wireless N band will be excellent to guarantee a good connection, reaching up to 300 Mbps. The signal will be powerful and stable, you will not have problems of any kind. But there are multiple features, which make it one of the best devices you can buy.

In fact, this repeater also functions as a Wi-Fi access point and a portable router. Furthermore, you can best use it as a file sharing hub. Thanks to its SD card reader up to 256 GB, you can use it as a shared memory with the entire network. You can access its files from any connected smartphone, tablet or PC.

It also works as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and has a really powerful 6000 mAh internal battery, useful for charging your portable devices in case of need. This is really the best versatility you can find on the market. To access the files, moreover, just download the RAV File Hub application.

You will have all this, more than just a Wi-Fi repeater, at a fantastic price. Customer opinions are highly positive, and we love it. Don’t miss it!

FileHub RAVPower N300 Review
FileHub RAVPower N300

Product Name: FileHub RAVPower N300

Product Description: Due to the gain of 2 dBi increases the covered area, and you do not have to put the laptop next to the source to catch a steady Wi-Fi signal. How connection works is easy to understand even for an inexperienced user. Just a few minutes and your mobile devices will discover the network.

Brand: FileHub

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RAVPower is both a powerbank and a wireless router that works as a WiFi hotspot, and a NAS file server (Network Attached Storage), and a media streamer.

  • Easy to use
  • Wi-Fi signal
  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
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  • Multi-function Wi-Fi repeater
  • Equipped with file sharing functions
  • With SD memory reader up to 256 GB
  • Great price
  • Integrated with the handy RAV File Hub app
  • Features of Wi-Fi hotspots and access points
  • Usable as a power bank, thanks to the 6000 mAh battery


  • The Wireless N band does not have a great speed
  • More suitable for traveling than for home use