TP-Link RE200

Band type: AC Dual Band
Transmission speed: 750 Mbps

Do you want to amplify your Wi-Fi signal, but don’t spend big sums? Then this is the best Wi-Fi repeater for you. Read this review too!

The TP-Link RE200 repeater is the right solution for your home, if you are looking for an economical but competent range extender. It supports a Dual Band AC, reaching a total speed of 750 Mbps. Thanks to this, your connection will not be limited in speed, and you will only have the benefit of a wider coverage of the signal.

Its compatibility is very high, allowing use with a large number of modem routers in circulation, and with all internet providers. Installation is very simple: just plug it into the socket, and then pair it with your Wi-Fi router. This repeater has a convenient button to press, and you are immediately ready to use.

The TP-Link RE200 repeater is also equipped with an Ethernet port, to connect a device in wired mode, ensuring a fast and efficient connection. For example, a gaming console, or a decoder, or so much more. At this price, I challenge you to find better.

If you really want the best Wi-Fi extender in terms of price, then you can’t miss the TP-Link RE200 repeater.

TP-Link RE200 Review
TP-Link RE200

Product Name: TP-Link RE200

Product Description: The TP-LINK RE200 WIRELESS repeater amplifies the signal so that you can enjoy the power of the Internet in previously inaccessible places, with data transfer speeds of up to 750 Mbps in two band frequencies. The repeater is able to work with various wireless devices whose standards are 802.11 b/g/n and 802.11 ac. Thanks to the Ethernet port, the repeater can function as a wireless adapter in two bands to connect all kinds of wired devices. Due to the minimalistic size of this device and the possibility of power from the wall outlet, the use of the repeater becomes even more convenient. TP-LINK RE200 looks very stylish and bright, and will easily fit into the interior of your workplace.

Brand: TP-Link

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The TP-Link RE200 signal amplifier allows you to extend your wireless coverage to 11ac. The device works with any standard wifi router and creates stronger dual band connections in hard-to-reach areas of your home or office.

  • Easy to use
  • Wi-Fi signal
  • Value for money
  • Easy to install
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  • Best Wi-Fi repeater better than 2019
  • Equipped with Dual Band AC, up to 750 Mbps transmission
  • Simple and safe configuration
  • High compatibility with Wi-Fi routers and internet providers
  • Equipped with an Ethernet port for devices that require maximum stability
  • Low cost


  • The Ethernet port is one, and unfortunately it is not Gigabit
  • Not the best coverage
  • The two bands do not reach their maximum possible speeds