Acer One 10

Screen: 10.1 ”

Are you looking for one of the cheapest Windows 2019 tablets that can combine the functionality of a tablet and a Windows PC? This product is also one of the easiest to use.

Acer One 10 is a Windows tablet designed to be really easy to use, as well as convenient in any situation. Using your tablet outside your home has never been so efficient. This tablet is an alternative to bulky 13-inch notebooks, and employs a 10.1 “HD IPS display, helping to reduce the size of the device.

The portability must involve convenience, and with the Acer One 10 tablet you will receive both. The Windows 10 operating system is a guarantee of efficiency, to work productively at home or away from home, for example while traveling by train. Thanks to Acer One 10, you will never be left behind with work.

The processor of this tablet is an Intel Atom X5, which will give you good performance in office jobs, to consult your emails and surf the internet. The 4 GB RAM is good, and will allow you to use two or three programs well at the same time.

The keyboard is connected to the tablet via a magnetic hinge, and you can detach it and reattach it easily, according to your needs. Switching from one mode to another is fast and efficient, and you can do it whenever you want. Acer One 10 is a PC and tablet that is easy to use, also suitable for those who don’t get along very well with technology.

Finally, the price is excellent, and will allow you to take home one of the best cheap tablets on the market.

Acer One 10 Review
Acer One 10

Product Name: Acer One 10

Product Description: Acer One 10 is a transformer device that combines the features of two devices at once. Thanks to the convenient magnetic screen mount, you can turn the laptop into a tablet by disconnecting the keyboard, and then return to the laptop mode by attaching the keyboard back. The device can be used as convenient to the owner. You can choose the most appropriate mode: "Laptop" to work with text, "Tablet" to work with the touch screen, "Presentation" for demonstration and "Display" - if you want to take a break from business and have fun.

Brand: Acer

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The transformer device works under the control of the familiar Windows OS. Thanks to this, you can use popular office programs, start working on an office or home computer, and finish it on this device.

  • Screen quality
  • Picture quality
  • Light weight
  • Battery life
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  • PC and Windows tablet easy and convenient to use
  • One of the best cheap tablets on the market
  • Perfect for office, internet and mail jobs
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comfortable keyboard, attached to the tablet via magnetic hinge
  • Easy to use for everyone


  • Not really powerful processor
  • RAM memory a little slow
  • HD resolution out of date