Yamaha YAS-105

Wattage: 60 W

If you want to buy a soundbar of safe quality and value the money you spend, there is no doubt: this model is for you.

This efficient Yamaha sound system, with a low power consumption of 0.4 Watts in standby, has a switch that optimizes the sound output depending on the type of mounting. By operating the acoustic output switch, you can place it on a piece of furniture or fix it to the wall without making the equalization worse. The positioning of this soundbar is also facilitated by the compact dimensions and the weight of 4 Kg, despite the good output power of 60 W.

What other users say

According to some customers, equalization is not the best because there is only one command to emphasize the bass and another to increase the presence of the voices. Another flaw is the depth of the bass that is not among the best but, given the size of the soundbar, this neo is offset by the excellent definition and presence of the sound, thanks to the virtual surround.

As Yamaha tradition has it, the quality of construction is excellent, demonstrating the excellent value for money represented by this soundbar. Furthermore, the structure is sturdy and rigid, conveying a feeling of solidity.

This soundbar includes an optical input and a digital coaxial, a 3.5mm mini-jack analogue input and an output for an external subwoofer: with this port you can connect an additional subwoofer to increase the bass power of your sources audio.

Yamaha YAS-105 Review
Yamaha YAS-105

Product Name: Yamaha YAS-105

Product Description: The Yamaha YAS-105 Soundbar is the perfect acoustics for your TV. The device can be placed not only on the shelf, but also on the wall. With the connection of this model to the TV can handle any user. Now you will not miss a single moment when watching TV, and the sound in movies and TV series will be filled with depth. Even the whisper of the main characters you will understand without any problems. The Soundbar is enclosed in an elegant black case that will look good with any TV model.

Brand: Yamaha

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Yamaha YAS-105 Black Soundbar is a sophisticated speaker system with a built-in phase inverter subwoofer and support for surround sound technology. This Soundbar can be hung on the wall or mounted on a shelf directly under the TV – it will not distract attention from what is happening on the screen.

  • Volume control
  • Sound quality
  • Material quality
  • Value for money
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  • Virtual surround
  • Low / high emphasis
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Discreet and elegant design
  • Soundbar with Bluetooth support
  • External Subwoofer Support
  • Compact and light
  • Can be installed on the wall or on a cabinet


  • Low basses present
  • Not configurable equalization