Creative Sound Blaster Z

Sound card type: internal

Are you assembling your dream computer and looking for the perfect internal sound card to ensure unmatched quality? In that case we have the perfect product for you, the best internal sound card Creative Sound Blaster Z of 2019.

This card, equipped with a PCI Express port connector, is compatible with all motherboards, both gaming and non-gaming, on the market. The sound quality will be ensured by the SoundCore 3D processor, specifically designed to accelerate sound and vocal qualities, thanks to its quad-core technology.

Applied to hardware, you will find then the proprietary Creative software, SBX Pro Studio, which ensures you realism levels never obtained before and a very high sound immersion, thanks to the 5.1 and 7.1 support.

In addition, when you purchase the product you receive the Audio Control Module with the order. In it you can find both a professional headphone amplifier, up to 600 ohms impedance, and a multidirectional dual-capacitor microphone, perfect for having hands-free conversations. Furthermore, you can connect up to two pairs of headphones to the ACM.
For all the features listed and, thanks to the reduced latency and its captivating design, the Creative Sound Blaster Z, ranks right in the ranking of the best products of 2019. Do not miss this opportunity.

Creative Sound Blaster Z Review
Creative Sound Blaster Z

Product Name: Creative Sound Blaster Z

Product Description: The Creative Sound Blaster Z's internal sound card is capable of turning your computer into a full-featured desktop audio system with exceptional sound quality. This card has a number of applications for adjusting and adjusting the sound quality, and is equipped with an external microphone, which provides absolute clarity and purity of voice when recording or voice communication.

Brand: Creative

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Creative Sound Blaster Z is equipped with a Sound Core 3D processor, which implements sound effects of built-in applications, which removes part of the load from the main processor of the PC and greatly improves the quality of sound and voice. It is possible to switch the signal between headphones and speakers without having to turn off the headphones.

  • Material quality
  • Sound quality
  • Volume control
  • Value for money
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  • Best internal sound card of 2019
  • Soundcore 3D quad-core processor
  • 5.1 sound support for an immersive experience
  • Volume control via the Audio Control Module
  • Proprietary SBX Pro Studio software, for a clear and real sound
  • Multidirectional double condenser microphone
  • Dual sound / microphone input on the ACM


  • Headphone amplification level cannot be adjusted
  • According to user reviews, drivers are often malfunctioning