Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Type of sound card: external

If you want to buy a product that provides you with high audio quality and numerous features, at a reasonable price, we undoubtedly have something for you. Focusrite Scarlett Solo is, in our opinion, the perfect sound card for its 2019 value for money.

The Scarlett Solo, the younger sister of the Scarlett 2I2, is smaller than the latter, making it extremely portable and useful for recording your voice or your music at any time. Featuring a single microphone input and a single input for instruments, both pre-amplified at 48V using Scarlett’s proprietary technology, is perfect for any instrument.

You can then record the instrumental part and your voice simultaneously, on two separate tracks, and then edit them individually later. The input sound can be adjusted both in volume, using the large knob, and in gain, using the small knobs , which control each entry individually. You can also listen to the results of your changes live, via the headphone port on the front side.

On the back side you will find two outputs to connect your device to monitors and a USB input for power. Always using the USB input, connecting the device to the PC, you can take advantage of the premium programs to record which will be provided with the order.
So don’t lose sight of the Focusrite Scarlett sound card only, perfect for both home recording and recording away from home!

Focusrite Scarlett Solo Review
Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Product Name: Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Product Description: The FOCUSRITE Scarlett Solo Studio recording kit will allow you to start your own journey as a musician, singer or composer. The presented model is an ideal solution for beginners, because due to its compactness it can be placed even in the smallest room, and any music lover can deal with all the functionality provided in it. In this case, the quality of the recording kit is almost as good as professional equipment. You will be able to take the presented set of devices with you anywhere: connecting a guitar and a microphone to the main unit, you can immediately start recording.

Brand: Focusrite

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Super-low digital delay allows you to record material and use superimposed effects in real time. Updated metal regulators with improved mechanics and an elegant red metal body emphasize the implemented improvements.

  • Material quality
  • Sound quality
  • Volume control
  • Value for money
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  • Best value for money between external sound cards of 2019
  • Single input for microphone and single input for instrument, preamplified at 48V
  • Maximum sampling frequency of 192 KHz
  • Input sound control, with gain and volume adjustment
  • Headphone output and dual output for professional monitors
  • USB connectivity, to connect the device to PC and Mac
  • Premium editing and recording programs included free in the order
  • Small dimensions that make the product extremely portable


  • Installation drivers often missing
  • Handy and non-localized installation system in Italian