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Yes, we know, the jungle of smartwatches is always wider and it is not at all easy to extricate oneself. If you are looking for one with basic and possibly inexpensive functions, Willful is yours, and is undoubtedly the best inexpensive smartwatch on the market in 2019.

Economic: costs as or less than an activity tracker. Aesthetically it is a typical smartwatch, with a slightly larger display, from 1.54 “, which, even if not cumbersome, will give you better visibility during navigation.

The screen is an IPS LCD with an HD resolution, not very high, but good, without protections for dust or accidental bumps. Despite not being a smartwatch with the best tricks, the brightness of the screen allows you to read the display correctly even when the environment is brighter.

The Willful smartwatch is definitely not for you, if you are looking for a watch dedicated to monitoring sports activities. However, implement useful features for the activity tracker or sleep monitoring. In addition to this, it has a rich set of additional features such as the calculator, the voice recorder and the integrated 2 MP camera.

With this smartwatch you always have at hand a music player that can play your favorite music, thanks to the insertable SD. But that’s not all, because the Willful smartwatch houses a SIM slot in which you can insert a clone of your sim or a separate sim with which to receive and send phone calls with microphone and speaker. The connection for calls will be in 2G, more than enough.

There is also the possibility to receive notifications of various types and the opportunity to change the settings through the app specifically created. The Willful smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android, but with iOS some functionality is lost .. The declared autonomy is about 3-5 days, while from the vare reviews emerges an average autonomy that is updated around 24h with a time of recharging 1 / 2h.

In conclusion we can certainly say that the Willful, despite being one of the economic models, is equipped with many functions and the quality is excellent, compared to the cost. Precisely for these reasons it ranks as the best economic smartwatch on the market in 2019

Willful Review

Product Name: Willful

Product Description: Willful is designed for easy control of activity and rest. The system of physical activity will make it possible to correctly distribute the time of classes. This will help the application for the smartphone. Built-in pedometer and calorie consumption, SMS tracking, call notifications during training, this convenience provides smart bracelet.

Brand: Willful

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A decent device for those who need a smart watch with all the necessary features. With this device, you can easily track your daily activity, receive instant notifications and set your alarm.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Usability
  • Client's trust
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  • Best economic option on the market in 2019
  • 1.54 “LCD IPS screen with HD resolution
  • Possibility to answer and make phone calls with microphone and speaker
  • With 2MP camera, one SIM slot and one for microSD up to 35Gb
  • Feature-rich: physical activity monitoring, calculator, voice recorder, music player, activity tracker
  • Maximum compatibility with Android or iOS
  • Battery life (declared): up to 5 days
  • Easy to use smartwatch


  • Compatibility with iOS is a bit limited
  • Limited customization of the smartwatch
  • They lack more complex and advanced functions