Screen protection level: IP68
Battery: 190 mAh

Oh yes, the market is now full of smartwatches, but which one to choose among the best with moderate prices? One of the tips is definitely to opt for the AMAZFIT Bip Youth Smartwatch.

It was born from the collaboration between the Chinese houses Huami and Xiaomi. A collaboration that has created one of the best inexpensive smartwatches, which you can buy by spending what you would spend on a fit band.

Smartwatch with 1.28 “transflective display with a 176 × 176 p resolution, not one of the best, but sufficient to be able to see well both in illuminated and at night. It has a sensor that, depending on the situation, activates and regulates the backlight.

Its software allows you to receive notifications from various apps and read previews by scrolling on the display and / or using the side button. The notification is accompanied by a vibration that is not overly invasive. Many applications that you can access directly from the smartwatch: alarm clock, stopwatch, compass and weather.

These applications are flanked by the various features related to physical activity monitoring. Inevitable, as in all smartwatches, is the control of the frequency of beats. It does not have a speaker or microphone.

Did you know?

In terms of connectivity, the Amazfit Bip smartwatch is equipped with low-power Bluetooth that allows it to easily and quickly connect to the Mi Fit app. The app is really very complete and allows you to constantly monitor daily and historical activity. You can also set the activity you are starting or use the integrated GPS to better monitor.

Despite being an inexpensive device, the GPS has an exceptional precision, comparable to that of a smartwatch of the category, and much higher cost. The AMAZFIT Bip app also takes into account weight variations, which however must be entered manually or using the compatible scale.

This smartwatch will amaze you with its autonomy: 45 days declared (used as a watch and pedometer), but the actual autonomy is around 20 days, even with random monitoring of the heartbeat. It is one of the smartwatches with the greatest autonomy on the market.

In short, at a price so truly you could not have a better product, waterproof with dust and water resistance IP68. Comprehensive and easy to use software, well-monitored fitness, extremely long-lasting battery, and very comfortable to carry: probably the lightest smartwatch on the market in 2019.


Product Name: AMAZFIT

Product Description: Xiaomi AMAZFIT smart watch is a device with a set of numerous functions that make life easier for a person who prefers an active lifestyle. The watch with a black hand strap made of hypoallergenic rubber is safe to use. The peculiarity of the model in the protection of IP68, involving the protection of the device from water and solid particles. The clock is controlled in two ways – with the help of a sensor and a mechanical button. The rear panel of the device assumes the presence of a sensor that measures the pulse.


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Amazfit is a universal device, because a smart watch can be both a fitness tracker and a device that informs the user about the actual conditions from the smartphone, for example, about the weather. Synchronization of the model is carried out with smartphones using The mi Fit application. IOS and Android systems are open for communication, devices are connected via Bluetooth.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Usability
  • Client's trust
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  • Ultra-light and inexpensive smartwatch
  • Waterproof but not suitable for water activities
  • Battery discharge: up to 45 days in stand-by
  • GPS with excellent precision
  • One of the best matching apps, the Mi Fit, complete, easy to use for better control of physical activity, sleep quality
  • Low-power Bluetooth connection
  • Screen visible in all light conditions
  • Cardiac activity monitoring


  • The material with which the strap is made tends to wear out easily, but it can be changed
  • It cannot receive and make phone calls