Apple Watch Series 3

Screen protection level: not specified
Battery: 273 mAh

Would you like a smartwatch that easily turns into a reliable personal trainer, but do you need some advice? Well then this review is for you. We are talking, in fact, of the best smartwatch for your needs, the Apple Watch Series 3.

Casual smartwatch, with a customizable rectangular dial, to be able to adapt it to any moment of the day. The display is an OLED with excellent brightness that adjusts itself and 1000nits, for better visibility in the sun, as well as at night and without torch effect.

In this smartwatch you cannot set the always-on display, to always have the display active, but you have the best speed, the top. Another gem is its autonomy, which can go up to 3 days and with 1.5h is fully charged! Your personal trainer won’t give you a second!

As we said, the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch is rich in features dedicated especially to fitness lovers. Constantly monitor your training sessions and give you incentives to achieve daily health goals. To correctly monitor your daily movements, you have implemented a barometer and altimeter.

Heart rate is also monitored and the smartwatch alerts you in case of arrhythmias. Monitoring is better compared to previous versions or many other smartwatches on the market. It is water resistant up to 50m, so take it with you even when you’re at the pool!

Of course, next to this rich range of health and fitness tools, with this smartwatch you stay in touch with the world and with all the apps on your iphone. You can listen to music, either by connecting it directly in wi-fi or bluetooth to your iphone. It is not possible to insert the sim.

Fantastic, right? And don’t forget that, as with the Iphone, you can interact with this smartwatch by speaking thanks to Siri, who is able to listen to you and answer you. We are really talking about the best smartwatch, probably, or one of the best in 2019, even if it’s not absolutely cheap. A top product, naturally compatible with iOS products.

And the enthusiastic reviews confirm it! Everyone, but all the customers who already have in their hands, or rather on their wrist, this smartwatch can no longer do without it.

Apple Watch Series 3 Review
Apple Watch Series 3

Product Name: Apple Watch Series 3

Product Description: Track your health. Monitor the results of training. Set fitness goals and increase your motivation. Stay in touch with your loved ones. Use your favorite content and get important information. With the Apple Watch Series 3, you can do it all from your wrist. You can measure the performance of all popular types of training. For example, there are modes for yoga, swimming, Cycling and interval exercises. Joggers will enjoy such advanced features as measuring cadence and warnings about the change of pace. In the fitness club, you can connect your watch wirelessly to compatible fitness equipment. And your favorite playlists from Apple Music will create the right mood.

Brand: Apple

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Apple Watch helps you keep your heart rate up and will warn you if your heart rate suddenly gets too high or low. The watch also tracks your heart rate disorders, which can be a sign of atrial fibrillation. The “Emergency call — SOS” function allows you to quickly call the rescue service. With the application “Breathing” you will be easier to cope with everyday stress. And you can use a variety of applications to maintain a healthy lifestyle, diet and sleep.

  • Design
  • Value for money
  • Usability
  • Client's trust
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  • Beautiful smartwatch, good quality materials, customizable
  • Waterproof up to 50m: correctly monitors physical activity in the water
  • 1.65 “OLED display with excellent self-regulated brightness, with 1000nits, to see well at night and perfectly during the day
  • Lots of functions: telephony, management and navigation through the various apps, reminders, listening to music
  • Virtual assistant, SIRI, able to listen and perform, but also to respond and talk
  • With altimeter, barometer and app dedicated to maps (integrated GPS)
  • Good autonomy: up to 3 days with a 1.5h recharge (in 30min the battery is 40% recharged)
  • 8GB memory
  • Heart rate monitor that warns in case of arrhythmias: excellent health app
  • Best advanced physical activity monitoring: daily goals, fitness sessions or cardio settable


  • Smartwatch compatible only with iphone
  • In Italy the version with virtual SIM is not available