TX3 Mini

OS: android 7.1
ROM: 16 GB

Are you looking for Android TV Box that is not particularly large and guarantees excellent quality? Why not evaluate the TX3 MINI, then?

It is a rather small and very light Smart TV Box that you can easily place near your TV, which in a few simple steps will turn into a real Smart TV. It is equipped with an Amlogic S905W CPU and uses Android 7.1 Nougat as its operating system. This way you will have a stable, flexible and above all extremely compatible Smart TV Box. You will have many apps to play, but also and above all to see content from your favorite streaming programs.

It contributes to a better 2GB RAM experience, a good value for such an affordable IPTV decoder. In order to save your apps or content, you have 16 GB of expandable ROMs available via SD.

It offers you a resolution up to the best 4K and a decoding with H.265. This Smart TV Box is able to decode all video files, thanks to codecs that are continuously updated. You will be able to access the different social networks, but also to Youtube, Flicker and much more. Easily enter the various apps and settings, thanks to an easy to navigate interface.

Some applications find them pre-installed, as well as a modified version of Kodi. You will have centralized and simplified management of this media center and you will be able to see all your content easily on your TV. While being able to download the apps dedicated to the game, it is not a Smart TV Box suitable for gaming, especially if extreme.You can easily connect the TX3 MINI TV Box to the internet via WiFi or via an Ethernet port. Instead, to connect the box to the TV you can use the HDMI 2.0 port, better than the 1.4. The TX3 MINI also houses two USB ports and an audio output. Also convenient is the remote control, which implements the mouse function, for easier navigation within the app and menu.

Overall, therefore, it is an inexpensive Smart TV Box, but not scarce in terms of content, indeed. We suggest this product if you want to have excellent performance while saving on size.

TX3 Mini Review
TX3 Mini

Product Name: TX3 Mini

Product Description: The new original set-top box TX3 Mini can turn your TV, monitor into a gaming multimedia system. Just connect the console to your TV, monitor and control the functions, play games, watch YouTube, TV programs, and more) This is suitable for both wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) and Internet cable.

Brand: TX3

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TX3 mini is very easy to connect. Specialists are not needed for connection. You can connect the TV console at home. To do this, connect the TV set-top box HDMI cable to the TV, the power supply to the outlet.

  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Remote control
  • Client's trust
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  • Smart TV Box of small dimensions but very functional
  • Android 7.1 Nougat stable and with maximum compatibility
  • CPU with Amlogic S905W processor
  • 2GB RAM and expandable 16GB ROMs
  • Compatible with 4K format and H.265 video decoding technology
  • Able to decode all video formats with continuously updated codecs
  • Internet connection guaranteed by dual 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • Connections with HDMI 2.0 port, 2 USB ports
  • Convenient remote control with mouse function, to make navigation within the app easier and more
  • Present Kobo pre-installed in a modified version but easily usable


  • Bluetooth is not present
  • The use of on demand services is not always excellent
  • Inability to use Sky Go and Premium Play for factory-released root permissions