Denon AVR-X1300

Are you looking for an integrated with brilliant performance but with an economical 5.1 amplifier? According to the reviews we’ve reviewed, the Denon AVR-X1300 is the best you can choose from the entry level . This integrated receiver delivers 145W of power on 7 channels in Dolby True HD. It has 6 HDMI input ports, one of which is front to become the heart that controls your home cinema system.

Connectivity is also its forte. The ethernet port and wifi connect it to your home network: bluetooth and Airplay technologies provide you with endless possibilities from internet radio to Spotify connect. You don’t even have to worry about complicated configuration operations: an interactive graphical interface with wizards will adjust the best audio settings for you thanks to a supplied microphone that measures the audio performance of the room. Let’s look at all the features together.

Denon AVR-X1300 Review
Denon AVR-X1300

Product Name: Denon AVR-X1300

Product Description: Equipped with discrete high-precision amplification stages, the AVR-X1300 delivers 145 Watts of power per channel. There is a convenient Eco-mode, which automatically adjusts the maximum power according to the available volume level, on the counter displayed on the screen, you will see how much reduced power consumption in real time.

Brand: Denon

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The AVR-X1300, which supports wireless Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, comes with two antennas for reliable and uninterrupted streaming, even in congested urban environments.

  • Sound quality
  • Easy to use
  • Remote control
  • Value for money
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  • Receiver with Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity
  • Dolby DTS HD Decoder last generation to experience home theater quality
  • 2 optical audio inputs
  • Multi room functionality that allows you to spread to a second room
  • Internet Radio and FM / AM tuner with DTS technology
  • 6 inputs and USB port
  • Outstanding graphic interface and wizard to set audio parameters
  • Power of 145W on 7 channels
  • App for smartphone receiver control


  • Some customers complain about a rather sparse remote control: they prefer to use their smartphone application to control the receiver