Anker A1271011

Charge capacity: 20 100 mAh
Dimensions:  16.6 x 5.8 x 2.2 cm
Weight: 354g

Are you looking for the best 2019 portable charger capable of maintaining efficiency for days? The best power bank for you is definitely the Anker PowerCore 20 100.

Anker is one of the best brands of portable chargers. It is a Chinese universal portable charger, practically suitable for all devices, smartphones, e-cigarettes or tablets. You have 3 USB ports and you can simultaneously charge up to 2 devices.

Technical features

The recharged capacity of the PowerCore portable charger is 20 100 mAh, thanks to which you can recharge your devices several times with a single charge. You can, for example, recharge your iphone up to 7 times, and another smartphone from 5 to 7 times: fantastic right?

But what you will surely appreciate in this powerful portable charger is the amperage able to deliver: up to 2.4A per output for a quick recharge of any device. They are all Smart outputs capable of identifying the connected device, optimizing the amount of current delivered: it improves the charging time and decreases battery degradation.


A truly powerful portable charger, as confirmed by the many reviews of enthusiastic customers, but also extremely safe. Many precautions, for a better protection of the battery charger and of the devices connected to it, such as a limiter for the output current, protection against low voltage, short-circuit.

And if you run out of charge, don’t worry! About 10h and your power bank will recharge, ready to give energy to your phones.

From the various opinions the only flaw of this portable charger, if we want to consider it, is its weight and size.  It is certainly an essential accessory in case of travel, even for a few days, and if you want to have a single power bank to recharge more devices.

Anker A1271011 Review
Anker A1271011

Product Name: Anker A1271011

Product Description: Portable battery Anker A1271011 – a powerful device that allows you to charge smartphones, laptops, tablets and e-books even when you are away from the mains. The battery is in the housing 3 of the connector, whereby it is possible to connect simultaneously to 2 devices. The model has a whole range of various options, which extends its service life: protection against overcharging, deep discharge, short circuit.

Brand: Anker

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The portable battery has an unprecedented capacity to date – 20000 mAh, whereby can charge a smartphone or tablet up to 5-6 full cycles without needing to be connected to the mains. Due to the fact that the output current reaches 2 A, mobile devices quickly replenish the resource.

  • For traveling
  • Battery life
  • Charging power
  • Portability
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  • Charging capacity: 20 100 mAh
  • Total output amperage of 4.8A, deliverable up to a maximum of 2.4A per single output (max 2 usable outputs)
  • Quick top-up thanks to high amperage
  • Recharge capacity of only 10 hours, thanks to an output amperage of 2A
  • Portable charger able to recharge smartphones, tablets and other devices even 5-7 times with a single charge
  • 3 outputs: 2 USB and 1 USB Type-C which acts as an input / output for charging
  • Power IQ: ability to identify the connected device and optimize the charging speed in a safe manner
  • VoltageBoost: ability to adapt the amount of current delivered to the type of cable used, guaranteeing a constant flow of current: more stable current and faster recharging
  • Complete protection of portable battery charger and connected device (including protection against temperature rise)
  • Maximum compatibility with all devices: smartphone, tablet, iphone


  • Size and weight, which do not make it very comfortable to carry in your pocket
  • The Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is missing